Sunday, November 11, 2012


Since a prior visit in 2006 I'd been wanting to revisit the site and take some better shots as well as some video, which is located on YouTube as well as Vimeo. I think the photos here do the cabin more justice.

Since I started this page I've received maybe three hundred emails - some commenting on photos, sharing stories about the site and the movie (thank you!) but the most common request has been requests for directions to the cabin. 

After receiving an from a neighbor to the property asking specifically not to give out directions, I have complied with their wishes. Somebody is bound to make the mistake of posting the location on Google Earth or Mapquest and it won't be long then before the location is either cleared or closed up for good and I don't rather not be the one that made that happen. Please do not request directions to the cabin..

For in-depth detail about the filming of the movie check out Bill Warren's book The Evil Dead Companion.
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Jeano Roid

Bruce Campbell insisted I would get "an ass-full
of buckshot from those rednecks"
messing around in these woods..

Years after the cabin burned, the chimney stones are what is left..

The Necronomicon once burned here.

Another angle

One of the few visible shots of the bricks inside the fireplace in the film

Not only is the cabin gone but so are the multiple outbuildings.

About 20 yards in, approximately the same area as seen in the pic below

The final stretch before the clearing

The area where the cabin once stood. Photo take from approximately
where the car below is located

Sam's infamous Delta 88 - seen in just about every movie
he has made
The trench dug out by the filmmakers that would appear to be the
basement entrance in the film. Below:
Cheryl hanging out in the basement
One of the two "Evil Trees" clearly seen
in the film
The same tree on the right...
The trail out
The entrance after making my way out..